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Getting Here

From Juan Santa María International Airport / San José ( A ), ask your hotel or rental car agent how to best get to Highway 27, the toll highway (this will save you 30 minutes and is much easier to navigate than the old winding mountain road that goes through Atenas). You will stay on this toll road and pass the town of Orotina, then pay one last toll with signs saying Caldera (total tolls are under ¢2000 or $4).  Take the first exit for Jaco and you are about 1 1/2 hours away from us.  Stay on this road all the way to Quepos and then take the one beach road to Manuel Antonio all the way to the beach.  Go left at Restaurant Marlin and then right at Hotel Villabosque and we are at the entrance of the park, on the left hand side.  Ignore all the guys in yellow vests at the beach or tell them you have a reservation at La Posada ( B ).  Total drive time should be under 3 hours.


Rental Car

San Jose offers numerous rental car companies (Avis, Budget, Payless, Economy, etc.) and if using a search engine like kayak, type in SJO for our airport code, to get your best price.  4 x 4s are not needed for our area as the road is paved and in great condition between Quepos and San Jose, as well as most of the country now. All rental car offices are located near the airport and provide shuttles to their site, where you will find most of the staff will speak English.  They can direct you to Highway 27, then follow the directions above and you will be here in 3 hours or less.



If you are on a budget and staying in San Jose the night before, then this is the best way to get here.  The buses are clean, comfortable and efficient.  The collectivo buses will stop along the way and leave from the Coca Cola station in downtown San Jose and take about 4 hours to get to Quepos.  The directo bus is a faster option and takes about 3 hours to get here and will actually drop you off at the beach, where you can walk to the hotel.  This leaves from the Tracopa station in a more central downtown San Jose location, in Plaza Viquez.  Both buses cost about $9 each and you would need to get your tickets the night before or at least 2 hours before departure. Buses run from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. for the last directo bus to the beach. If you are returning to San Jose when staying at the hotel, let us know if you want us to get a ticket for you for your return trip and we can discuss this when you are here.


Shared Vans

If there are 3 or less in your group, look at Interbus, Gray Line or Costa Rica Shuttle.  They pick you up in San Jose and will bring you to the hotel for $45 each and this can be booked directly through their online websites.


Private Taxi or Van

We are happy to set up a private taxi for up to 3 people or a van for more and the current costs are $140 for the taxi and $160 for the van.  A driver will be at the airport exit holding a sign with your name or La Posada and will bring you here.  We can also arrange your travel for your next destination when leaving us.


Commuter Plane

This, of course, is the fastest way to get to us.  Sansa Air is located next to the main San Jose airport and is a 5 minute walk to the left when you go through the airport exit.  Nature Air is located in the downtown area 25 minutes away and will provide a shuttle service.  The cost is approximately $79 per person and takes about 25 minutes to get to Quepos. You will then be met with a shuttle that will bring you to La Posada for $6 each.  Do not book your return through them if 2 or more in your group, as we can get a taxi for the same or better price and you will not have to be picked up 2 hours before your flight!


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