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About La Posada Jungle

La Posada is American owned, but operated with friendly Costa Rican staff, who desire to make your stay as carefree and relaxing as possible. Each morning we start your day with a delicious breakfast buffet, along with our fresh local fruits and pastries. Eggs are made to order and we rotate days with pancakes, potatoes or gallo pinto (Costa Rica rice and beans dish), along with sausage!
We offer pizza, local casados and sandwiches every day in our pizzeria. We also have a dinner each Monday, Wednesday and Friday (with a 4 person minimum) and provide a delicious meal for $12.00 usd, available for all hotel guests while entertaining you with a movie. We figure this lower cost will allow you to try our many wonderful restaurants in the area on the other nights, bringing your average eating bill down during your stay with us.

Also, we offer you great activities in the area.

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Manuel Antonio Park Guided Tour

What can we say about someone experiencing Costa Rica’s number one visitors’ spot for the first time with The Manuel Antonio Specialist – at Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s just like experiencing Costa Rica for the first time absolutely unforgettable. Take a leisurely stroll or an intense hike (it’s your choice, since it’s your tour) with a highly trained, well-educated Costa Rican naturalist guide through our exotic, bio-diverse tropical rain forest preserved for more than 40 years, our treasure, Manuel Antonio National Park. The pace of this adventure is determined by your group’s abilities and interests, and the abundance of wildlife you want to stop and observe (or learn about) – all in its natural and breathtaking habitat. Watch sloths and numerous species of monkeys travel through the tree canopy, hunt for nocturnal silky anteaters and several types of non-poisonous snakes resting in the tropical rain forest, and listen to the songs of the various birds as they glide above your group, curiously looking for adventure. See how many different kinds of flora and fauna you can spot just in the span of a 2 ½ hour nature walk or hike.

Easy walk or hike, depending upon your abilities and self-paced tour. You might want to bring water, a camera, sunscreen, bug spray, and your binoculars while you hike in the Park, and if you so desire bring your bathing suit and towel for a relaxing beach time during the tour. “Childrens under 5 years old are free”

Includes: Bilingual and certified naturalists guide and entrance fee.

Price: US$36.00 per person

Eco-Friendly Sabalo Tour: 
The Eco-Friendly Sabalo Tour includes visits to 3 farms, which are completely committed to the
environment and the ecology. Farms in the tour:

Departure Time At 7:30 am (min. 4 people required)/ private tours are available.
Includes Round trip transportation, bilingual guide, and ecological lunch
from mostly naturally grown local food that is organic and
sustainable. Maximum 10 people per group.
Requirements Suitable for all ages. Bring hiking shoes, a camera, and insect repellent. Highlights Some of the proceeds are invested in the development of the community, schools, bridges, and people of limited resources. Rate $99.usd per person.

Damas Island Mangrove Tour Kayak or Boat

Don’t pass up the opportunity to see one of the most amazing and important ecological systems of the planet at work right here at the Damas Island Mangrove Tour. A bilingual guide will take you through the lush mangrove in search of wild animals, birds and much more. You will experience first-hand the importance of such a unique ecological resource and find out how these amazing fo-rests contribute to the formation of islands and coastline.

Excellent for adventurous individuals, families or groups of any age who want to learn and experience nature first hand – but children under age 10 might have to paddle in a double kayak with an adult.  In the boat all the family can come.

We recommend that you are relatively physically fit for paddling in an open-seat kayak for a few hours, and please wear comfortable clothing and water shoes that might get wet, sun block lotion, towel, camera, bug spray and a hat. Single or Double Open-Seat Kayaks Available

Includes:  Transportation, guide, drinks half of the tour, two and a half hours of travel in the mangrove and restaurant services (breakfast, lunch or dinner)

Price: US$70 per person


Sunset Sailing and Catamaran Tour

Sail aboard the different Catamarans and Sailboats in Manuel Antonio.  Join us as we explore the Manuel Antonio Marine Preserve and watch dolphins, sea turtles, whales (depending the season) and birds in their natural habitat.  Observe many species of colorful tropical fish while snorkeling within a protected bay.

Enjoy a feast of grilled fish brochettes, pasta sa-lad, fresh local fruits, natural drinks, all accompanied by the hospitality of the Costa Rican crew.

Include: Transportation, guide, snorkeling and equipment, lunch and open bar Rate US$80 pp

Whitewater Rafting

Naranjo River (III— IV)

For more experienced rafters, the Naranjo River runs from April to December and is a consistently adrenaline-pumping Class III and IV wild ride.

The wild and ever-changing Naranjo River White Water Rafting challenge is recommended for physically fit adventure seekers and experienced rafters who are familiar with Class III and IV rapids.

On this high-octane, half-day adventure, the trip begins when the Naranjo River drops steeply from the Costa Ri-can mountains and charges though pristine jungle gorges, then winds around rocky curves to take you on a wild, adventurous ride back to sea level waters. While your internationally trained, bilingual guides and safety kayakers work with you to navigate this exciting river, you’ll pass by (rapidly) stunning farmland, working cat-tle ranches, and beautiful African Palm Plantations. Price: US$75 per person

Savegre River Rafting (II—III)

Our more family-friendly Savegre River provides Class II, III and some rare IV rapids that are more than manageable. And of course you can expect that our internationally trained, bilingual guides and safety kayakers will ex-pertly coach you through navigating either river.

This adventurous, family-friendly, full-day trip is a unique white water river rafting adventure with lots of “perks”. Price: US$95 per person

Jet Ski Tour

Experience Manuel Antonio from a whole different perspective. Feel the adrenaline flow in your body, search for exotic marine life and enjoy the beautiful sights of one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful coastlines. You will enjoy a unique 2 hour excursion on fast, easy to use, new Yamaha and Honda wave runners that will let you take pleasure in the sights around Manuel Antonio National Park.You don’t need previous experience to use the jet skis, and you don’t need to be scared as they are very safe. On the platform we have lockers where you may store your personal items.

Price: US$135 Single Jet Skijet-ski

US$165 Double Jet Ski



Canopy Tours

Glide through the trees and witness the marvel that is the Costa Rican jungle in this amazing adventure. With the only double-cabled canopy in the Quepos / Manuel Antonio area, we here at MidWorld house the newest, safest, and longest lines, each adhering to the latest international safety standards for canopy tourism. Each individual is equipped with a new harness, double pulley system, hand brake, helmet, three safety lines, and automatic and semi-automatic carabineers. The tour is made up of a 10 line, 15 platform ride including two rappels that gives you a first-hand experience of what the jungle has to offer. With minimal walking required, this tour is completely kid-friendly and ages 4 + are welcome with accompanying guardians!

Prices: $80 per person

Canopy and Superman Combo MIDWORLD

Ever wonder how Superman felt flying through the sky? Here at Manuel Antonio, not only can you experience flying like the classic hero, but you can do so on Central America’s longest line! Standing over 1 km long, our Super “Mono” Rail offers one of the most beautiful and breathtaking rides without compromising your safety. On this double-cabled attraction each client is equipped with a full body harness, a helmet with windshield and two double pulley systems. Available in the Super Combo package, as an add-on to a canopy tour or as a tour on its own, this is a ride you don’t want to miss.

Price: US$40 Per person Only Superman

US$75 Per person Only Canopy

US$129 Canopy + Superman + High Ropes Puzzle Adventure


Join us for a tour that combines all the BEST elements of the most exciting adventure tours in Costa Rica. Our Professional guides will lead you through an amazing adventure course that includes 7 Gre-at Adventures:


Prices: $85 per person


ADR Adventure Park

Have you ever wondered where James Cameron got all his ideas for the breathtaking world of “Pandora” in his famous 2009 movie “Avatar”?

Well, just stop wondering and Immerse yourself in this magnificent property located in the heart of the forest of San Antonio de Damas, just 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park. Here you will enjoy an unforgettable adventure through the Costa Rican jungle! ADR Adventure Park will give you not only one of the most complete adventures during your vacation in our beautiful country, but also an unforgettable journey through lush, pristine vegetation that is surrounded by amazing waterfalls and wild life.

Prices: $130 per person

Include: Transportation, guide and lunch

ATV Tour

 After hearing our safety & security instructions, drive your own fully-equipped Honda ATV into the rugged mountains, where your professio-nal bilingual guides lead you through rustic tropical settings, unpaved roads, giant African Palm Plantations, real working cattle farms, and typical Costa Rican towns like Naranjito, Londres, Villa Nueva and Es-quipulas.

Reward yourself by indulging in different natural swimming pools along the gentle river banks of the Gallega River, where you can swim in re-freshing, crystalline waters.

End your exotic journey with a delicious Tico-style meal at our private Finca Anita, while viewing stunning mountain vistas and Costa Rica´s unique trop-ical ecosystem – all beautiful at any time of year.

Price: US$110 Per single ATV

US$140 Per double ATV

Paddle 9

Paddle Board in the Ocean

Paddle board on Costa Rica’s most lush coastline. Whether a first timer or a avid paddle boarder, there is not a better spot to enjoy Paddle Boarding then Manuel Antonio. Our certified guides will get you standing up right away and will offer tips to get you paddling like a pro. Your destination will be 1 of 5 beaches that you will not visit on any other tour.


TOUR TIMES: 9:00am / 3:00pm

WHAT TO BRING: Sandals or Flip Flops / Waterproof Camera / Towel / Sunscreen

WHATS INCLUDED: Transportation / Snacks / Water

MAX / MIN PERSONS: 20 max / 2 min

$60 per person Add $30 per person to make tour private

Paddle Board in Damas Mangrove

See one of Costa Rica’s most Eco-Diverse areas all while navigating the tight quarters of the mangroves on our Eco-Friendly Paddle Boards. Nature and wildlife is in abundance on this tour. We will be on the lookout for Monkeys, Birds, Marine Wildlife, and Reptiles. You will also learn about the mangrove tree species and why the Eco-System is so import to Costa Rica.

This tour is great for all ages and levels, it is very easy to paddle the Mangroves as the water is very calm.

DURATION: 3 Hours 30min

TOUR TIMES: Depends on the Tide

WHAT TO BRING: Sandals or Flip Flops / Waterproof Camera / Towel / Sunscreen / Bugspray

WHATS INCLUDED: Transportation / Snacks / Water

MAX / MIN PERSONS: 12 max / 2 min

$75 per person / Add $30 per person to make tour private.

Quepos Cultural History and Social City Tour:

On behalf of our ancestors, the Quepoa Indians, we welcome you and thank you for your visit to our native territory. During your tour today, you will notice there are only a few remaining values of our culture. However, our region is blessed with pristine rain forests and there is ample opportunity for growth as a prosperous Ecotourism community. Today you will have an opportunity to go where few tourists have been and acquire rich historical information of our region and our country. You will learn about our Educational System, National Park System, Social Security, religion and local customs. Our experimented bilingual guide will provide information, tell you stories and answer any questions you may have. The tour will take place at a local school in a little finca (ranch) surrounded by African Palm Oil where you will gain detailed insight into the school and you will be able to ask pertinent questions. We continue at a Wild Life rescue center to enjoy a snack and learn more about this interesting project. Kids Saving the Rain Forest has influenced the mentality of many people to protect and take care of our environment. Additionally, we include a visit to the farmers market on Friday afternoon or Saturday Morning. We recommend you try the exotic fruits such as the anti-oxidant rich “Granadilla” (Pomegranate).

Departure Time 8:30 am or 1:30pm
Duration 3 1⁄2 Hours

Includes: Transportation with Air Conditioning, Certified Naturalist Guide, Tropical Juice, Fresh Fruits and Snacks.

Recommendations& Highlights

For all the family, comfortable clothes, Bring plenty of water, Farmers market Fri. afternoon/Sat. morning : Rate $80 usd per person.

Inshore, off Shore and Mangrove Sport Fishing:

Your day will start, when you leave the Marina and the inshore boat crews will look for the large bait balls – usually sardines – floating around in the calm waters just off the beach. Whether they cast with a net or catch them on a Sabiki rig, once you have enough live bait, the crew will head for their favoured spots. Often, that is toward the mouth of a river or to some submerged rocks, in a secret spot. Captains of Sport Fishing Boats guard this information with their life.

Offering full and half day inshore fishing, you can have as much action as you can imagine.The beautiful surroundings make for an unbelievable day, out on the water. The waters surrounding Quepos have majestic rocks jutting out, providing excellent big fish habitat. The Manuel Antonio beach provides a stunning backdrop to some of the best inshore fishing on the planet.

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Local and Adventure Fishing available ask for more info.

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Room Descriptions Hotel La Posada

Transportation Options from San Jose to Manuel Antonio

Public Bus: $ 10.00 usd per person, the bus is from San Jose town, every hour, from 6:00 am until 7:30 pm. Duration 4 hours.

Shuttle Service: $56.00 usd per person, the shuttle is available at 8:00 am or 1:30 pm. Duration 4 hours.

Local Flight: $99 .00 usd per person, we need to check availability every day. Duration 25 minutes.

Private Small Car with A/C and bilingual Driver (Maximum 3 people): $150.00 usd per all the service, with bilingual driver.

Private Van with A/C and bilingual Driver (Maximum 10 people): $180.00 usd 1 to 5 people, after $15 usd additional per person.

The transportation is available for all the ways of Costa Rica.

Please let us know how we can help you, Ask for Damian, Oliver or Andy Pura Vida from Sunny Manuel Antonio to

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